Election Calendar

2019-10-19: WA Local Gov

Party: Flux WA

2020-03-28: QLD Local Elections

Party: Flux QLD

2020-05-02: TAS Legislative Council (Huon, Rosevears)

Party: Unregistered

2020-08-22: NT Legislative Assembly

Party: Unregistered

2020-09-12: NSW Local Gov

Party: Flux NSW

2020-10-17: ACT Legislative Assembly

Party: Flux ACT

2020-10-26: VIC Local Elections

Party: Unregistered

2020-10-31: QLD State

Party: Flux QLD

2021-03-13: WA State

Party: Flux WA

2021-05-01: TAS Legislative Council (Derwent, Mersey, Windermere)

Party: Unregistered

2021-08-28: NT Local Elections

Party: Unregistered

2022-03-19 latest date: TAS House of Assembly

Party: Unregistered

2022-03-19: SA Election

Party: Unregistered

2022-05-07: TAS Legislative Council (McIntyre, Elwick)

Party: Unregistered

2022-10-??: TAS Local Gov

Party: Unregistered

2022-11-12: SA Local Elections

Party: Unregistered

2022-11-26: VIC State Elections

Party: Unregistered

2023-03-25: NSW State Elections

Party: Flux NSW

2023-05-06: TAS Legislative Council (Lauceston, Murchison, Rumney)

Party: Unregistered

2024-05-04: TAS Legislative Council (Hobart, Prosser)

Party: Unregistered

Past Elections

2016-07-02: Aus Federal Elections

2016-08-27: NT Territory Elections

2016-09-10: NSW Local Elections

2016-10-15: ACT Elections

2016-10-22: VIC Local Elections

2017-03-11: WA State Elections

2017-05-06: TAS Legislative Council Elections

2017-08-01: NT Local Elections (out of cycle)

2017-10-17: WA Local Elections

2018-01-01: QLD State Elections

2018-03-01: TAS House of Assembly Elections

2018-03-17: SA State Elections

2018-03-17: SA Local Elections

2018-09-01: TAS Local Elections

2018-11-24: VIC State Elections

2019-01-01: NSW State Elections

2019-05-18: Aus Federal

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