Volunteer With A Political Party — Join Flux & Vote Democratically In Australia


Get involved and make change in Australian politics. We value the contribution of every Australian, no matter how great or small. Find out how you can help Flux by sharing, participating and voting democratically in the next Australian federal election.

Our number one goal right now is get someone elected to a position of power who is commited to using the Flux System of Issue Based Direct Democracy. The fastest way to do that in most representative democracies is to get enough votes in an election to win a seat in parliament. Anything you can do to help us reach this goal will be most appreciated.

Things you can do to get started:

  1. Like our Facebook Page - Flux Facebook Page
  2. Make a donation, running elections ain’t cheap - Donate to Flux
  3. Follow us on Twitter - Flux Twitter
  4. Sign up as a member (if you haven't yet and live in Australia) - Signup Here
  5. or join our mailing list - Join Mailing List
  6. Join our Slack Team, which is what we use to coordinate our Flux efforts globally - Join Slack
  7. Share our What is Flux video - Facebook Video or YouTube Video
  8. Talk to people about Flux. Friends, Family, or maybe you know somebody famous. Think about people you might know with a lot of connections. We need to reach as many people as possible!
  9. Attend Flux meetups and Flux events. You should find out about all Flux events from our Facebook Page and our mailing list. If there are no Flux events in your local area then start your own :)

If you have any of the following skills then get in touch with us on Facebook or at leadership@voteflux.org

  • Development, Web Dev, App Dev etc.
  • Graphic design
  • Marketing, Social Media
  • Journalism, Communication, Media
  • Politics, Campaigning, Holding office
  • Leadership, People Management, Organising volunteers
  • Event Management
  • Fundraising



We are planning to run in every State and Federal election from here on out, as well as some local elections. To do this we need solid leadership teams in each state and strong communities in all major cities. So take intiative and start a meetup group in your local commuinty. We can help cover the costs and even advertise your group from our main Facebook Page.


  1. Check if a Flux group already exists in your country. We currently have groups starting in Australia, The U.K., The U.S. and Brazil.
  2. If not then the first thing you want to do is try and build up a new Flux community in your country. You would be surprised how quickly people are willing to jump on board and help out once a community has been started.
  3. To do this we would recommend creating a Facebook Group, or you can use any other community tools that might be popular in your country. If you need assets and images you can access them here - Public Assets

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