Finding, selecting & nominating candidates for the 2019 Federal Election

Author: Daithí Ó Gliasáin — Thu, 9 May 2019

Flux is running seven candidates in the 2019 Australian federal election, with two Senate candidates standing in each of New South Wales, Victoria & Western Australia, and one in the lower-house electorate of Perth.

# Why isn’t Flux running more candidates across Australia?

We aspire to run Flux candidates in every state and electorate but at the moment there are significant constraints and hurdles which we must overcome to participate.

# Finding Candidates

We have over 8,000 members who are our primary source when seeking potential candidates. Our members are mostly highly aware of our mission for some time, have learned more about IBDD along the way, and are now willing to self-identify as potential candidates. We have sent communications to all our members over the last year, and with more urgency in recent months, seeking Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from anyone who might feel they fit the requirements.

We run an open application process where anyone, inside or outside the party, can apply for selection. Once a person submits an EOI (either via a form or when they sign up as a member), they begin the process as summarised by the chart below.

Flux Selection & Nominations 2019
Flux Selection & Nominations 2019

In the months leading up to the New South Wales and Federal elections we put out a call for candidates via our membership mailing list and social media channels, which was viewed by a minimum of 5,000 people (rough estimation based on email open rates and Facebook analytics).

Of that initial audience, 110 filled out an EOI form to gather contact info and general motivation.

# Selecting Candidates

All applicants were directed to a more detailed application form to gather more specific information regarding personal background and professional experience. There were also questions to assess motivations for standing, understanding and competence in relation to Flux, IBDD and general political matters.

42 applicants progressed to an interview. One third of candidates did not proceed past the interview phase, either due to circumstances restricting their participation as a candidate, or a significant competence gap in their ability to stand as a candidate.

After the interview phase, candidates join the pool which can be drawn upon for official nomination for elections. This pool also includes candidates from previous state (WA 2017, NSW 2019) & Federal (2016) elections.

Of the 40 candidates in the selection pool, 25 expressed intent to seek nomination for the 2019 Federal election and 15 candidates did not follow through on seeking official nomination (various reasons & circumstances).

# Nominating

Of the 25, seven candidates were deemed ineligible due to the restrictions arising from Section 44 of the constitution, especially in regard to dual-citizenship, but also with regard to holding positions as Government employees / office of the crown.

11 candidates decided not to proceed with nomination at this time due to personal reasons.

7 candidates were officially nominated in person at the AEC offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

# Nomination Costs

The cost of fielding candidates is a significant and restricting factor. As of 2019, the fees for both Senate and lower house candidate nominations are $2,000 per candidate. To run candidates to contest all seats for the Federal election (151 Lower House electorates & 16 Upper House) would cost $334,000.

All our candidate nominations fees are self-funded by the candidates and supported by crowdfunding from members & regular people in the community. We don’t solicit or attract donations in the same way that many other political parties do.

# Our Endorsed Candidates

Our seven endorsed candidates have taken on the task of representing Flux, IBDD and the promise to Upgrade Democracy during the campaign to elect the members of the 46th Australian Parliament. They will carry this task on after the campaign is long over as the mission of Flux is only getting started.

Running candidates in elections is a key priority for us, as it allows us to share our ideas and philosophy with people at a time when people are questioning the nature of day-to-day politics. We are giving people the opportunity to express their intention for a better system, to choose representatives who will serve the will and needs of modern Australian voters.

Our goal for this election is “To position Flux as an increasingly viable option for mainstream Australian voters”. Help us achieve that goal by sharing with your friends, talking with your colleagues and making a tax-deductible donation.

We’re all in this together and we can only do it with your help, via donations, volunteering with the organisation and standing as candidates.

Come on the journey with us and who knows where it will end? Hopefully with an upgrade to democracy sometime soon.

This election VoteFlux #1.

# Our 2019 Federal Candidates

  • Ben Rushton (NSW)
  • Duston Perry (VIC)
  • Melissa Taaffe (WA)
  • Curtis Greening (Perth)
  • Joanne Cotterill (NSW)
  • Seb Carrie-Wilson (VIC)
  • Leo Treasure (WA)

You can find their bios on our Candidate page.

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