Flux is Australia's Most Transparent Political Party

Author: Max Kaye

(There is a note to journalists at the conclusion of this article.)

Morality is, by definition, our best ideas on how to live. It is incredibly important. At Flux, we care about living and acting with integrity and morality, in all we do. Like all people and organisations, we’re fallible, so taking our values seriously means that sometimes we’ll make mistakes, but also that we’re open to the criticism that will help us improve. Receiving (and requesting) that criticism is part of our methods of error correction, a concept foundational to the best ideas on morality I know of. (See Beginning of Infinity, Chapter 9 and 10)

I’ve wanted to continuously improve our transparency since starting Flux. For example: we have always been transparent about membership numbers (I’m not aware of another Australian party that does this). Building on that, we publish continuous and up to date metrics and graphs on our dashboard. These cover things like member years of birth, membership revocations over time, sign-up numbers for the last 7 days and 60 days, and member distribution by state. We also have raw numbers available via our API at https://prod.v1.api.flux.party/api/v0/getinfo and https://prod.v1.api.flux.party/api/v0/public_stats.

We do these things because our morality compels us; we cannot be satisfied with ourselves if we were to hide these numbers. It is a shame such values are not taken as serious or important by the major parties in Australia. This means they care about some things more than morality, and thus must sometimes do things they believe are not moral.

One of our recent improvements is live donation logs. These are available on our donation page and dashboard.

There is a caveat and point of improvement here: donations must be received via PayPal and are only published immediately if we have all the information needed to send out the receipt (address is usually the missing part, if any). Donations made via bank transfer, cryptocurrency, or without complete information are shown once we collect this information and enter it into our database. Aside to Electoral Commissions: please create an maintain an API so that we can send you live donation information too, which will help us comply with disclosure requirements.

When considering who to vote for, at the upcoming NSW elections and beyond, I request you ask yourself: “Is the morality of the Parties I vote for important? Is it important that they act with integrity and in line with their values? Are their values of the sort that would encourage transparency, discussion, error correction, and tolerance? Should I talk to my friends, colleagues, and family about these things? Should we, as a society, consider our moral values above all else? If we sometimes do things for other reasons, doesn’t that mean we sometimes do things we do not think are moral? Do my representatives think and say these things? Do they act with an integrity reflecting good values? Do I act with the same integrity? How does my vote reflect that?”

These are important questions, and if you think democracy can be better, aren’t these important steps towards that progress?

As a final note to journalists, please consider these questions when covering elections and campaigns. You exist in a privileged position, and so I think these questions are all the more important for you to consider. It is my morality that compels me to say these things, and I hope you consider your moral compulsions going forward, or develop them if they do not yet exist.

All the best, sincerely,
Max Kaye

Flux Deputy Leader
Budding Philosopher

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Flux is Australia's most transparent political party!
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