Flux candidates for NSW 2019

Author: Daithí Ó Gliasáin, Campaigns Lead Link

Flux announces candidates to contest NSW election | Social worker, software coder, and bio-hacker among candidates for Flux’s first NSW state election campaign

The Flux Party announced their candidates for the 2019 NSW State Election at an event in Sydney at the weekend. Flux is running 15 candidates in the upper house, as well as candidates in the lower house districts of Willoughby & Dubbo.

Described by TIME as “A new voting idea that could radically change politics”, and by SBS, as the “Election revolution by smartphone”, the Flux concept is simple: it allows registered voters to direct how elected Flux members vote on legislation by expressing their preference via the Flux app.

Meow-Ludo Meow-Meow, candidate for Willoughby and founder at Australia’s first community lab for citizen scientists, believes the opportunity to represent Flux at the state election allows him to promote progressive ideas about how NSW voters interact with their legislature.

“By voting Flux at this election, you’re voting for the opportunity to have a say on every issue that comes before the state parliament. You’re no longer forced to choose between two ideological camps, you can express your nuanced political voice on every single issue,” said Mr Meow-Meow.

“I believe that voters have a wider range of views and opinions than are currently being represented by the older parties. Younger voters this election will vote on civil liberties and the Flux platform will allow them to always ensure that their will is enacted according to their stance at all points in time.”

Joanne Cotterill, candidate for Dubbo, businesswoman and social worker, chose to stand for Flux “to create a political system that will allow people to have a direct say on the decisions that affect their life.”

“I work with young people every day, and want to help create a society that they’d be proud to grow up into. For too long, partisan politics has reduced our political discussion to binary options, but I know our young people expect more than that from us,” said Joanne

The highly secure Flux app is based on blockchain technology, which resolves key existing issues associated with online voting including incorruptibility, privacy, digital secret ballot, and end-to-end transparency and verification.

It was developed by Max Kaye, party Deputy Leader and lead candidate for NSW Legislative Council. “As a Flux representative it would be my absolute pleasure to do what no other MLC has done: listen to and be directed by the people and communities legislation affects. To reduce the delays and bureaucracy typical of our legislatures. To act with an integrity our party system does not afford the major parties. And ultimately to use every tool available improving the experience and outcomes of NSW Parliament for every voter. Giving up my personal preference on bills is a small cost for radically improving such an important institution, and unlike every MLC and MLA today, I am more than prepared to accept that,” said Kaye.

“Flux will operate via an app you can access right from your computer or smartphone.”

“Together, in this election we have the opportunity to Flux The System – bringing the power of parliament to the hands of the people, where it belongs,” concluded Kaye.

Flux is the world’s first Blockchain centric political party, the most transparent political party in Australia, and Australia’s only party to have published a philosophy white paper.

# Legislative Assembly Candidates

  • Meow-Ludo Meow-Meow (Willoughby)
  • Joanne Cotterill (Dubbo)

# Legislative Council Candidates

  1. Max Kaye
  2. Ben Rushton
  3. Jason Gavriel
  4. Mansour Soltani
  5. Shane Greenup
  6. Kipling Crossing
  7. Ben Ballingall
  8. Jessica Payne
  9. Liam Jarvis
  10. Adam Ross-Hopkins
  11. Thomas Sesselmann
  12. Jesse Hanna
  13. Christopher May
  14. Jordan Dearing
  15. Adriano Guerrera

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