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# Update: 5th April 2018

We’ve sent out an email and SMS to 520 members today on our membership list for Vic registration who haven’t yet returned their membership confirmation forms. We’ll also be emailing all our members in Vic without valid electoral details asking them to update them. This means we can give the Victorian Electoral Commission a list of supplementary members.

If you’re on the original member list given to the VEC you should have received a letter at your electoral address. It’s really important you get this back to the VEC as soon as possible! We only have around 10 days to get another 360 letters returned. It’s vitally important that you respond to the VEC.

To everyone who has sent their response back, thank you! We really appreciate it 🙂.

As a reminder, we’ve got a lunch meetup planned for April 8th in Docklands. Hope you can make it!

# Update: 22nd March 2018

The Victorian Electoral Commission has sent out approximately 750 letters to our Victorian members! For us to successfully register we need to prove we have at least 500 valid members in Victoria, so if you’ve received one of these letters it’s really important that you confirm your membership as soon as possible since we only have a few weeks to pass the verification process.

Additionally, we’ve now implemented an SMS opt out feature for those members that would like to opt out of our (very infrequent!) SMSs regarding registration and important directly relevant events. We only send SMSs out for events like registration, and never for marketing or other frivolous things. You’ll find an SMS opt out checkbox on your membership page, and you can find details on our (very much in progress) membership guide. As a reminder, you can also update your details, choose various membership options, or revoke your membership on that page too.

You might have noticed that the link we sent out today was for a domain we acquired a little while ago but haven’t really used yet: flux.party. We’d just like to confirm that this is indeed legitimate, although currently we only have our new docs page and some URL redirects hosted there.

Finally, if you’re in Melbourne we’ve got a lunch meetup planned for April 8th in Docklands. Hope you can make it!

# Original Post: 26th February 2018

On Friday the 2nd of March Flux Victoria plans to submit our registration papers to the Victoria Electoral Commission (VEC).

If you are a member and your address is in Victoria your membership may be used as evidence for the validity of our application.

As part of the process all members submitted with valid details will be sent a form in the mail which must be responded to and sent back for us to successfully register. We’ll contact all relevant members at the right time to remind them of this.

We’d like to thank all our members and we’re looking forward to journeying with you into the 2018 Victorian election 🙂.

All the best, Flux Victoria Team


  • What is required of me?
    • If your membership details don’t validate against the electoral roll you will have been sent an email. In this case please update them.
    • Otherwise there’s nothing to do right now.
    • Once the VEC is satisfied we have supplied at least 500 valid electors they will begin mailing physical letters to your electoral address.
    • You’ll be contacted via email and SMS when this happens.
    • You will need to respond Yes to the question “Are you a member of Flux Victoria”, sign and date the form, and then return it to the VEC using the self-addressed pre-paid envelope included with the form.
    • That’s it!
  • How do I opt out?
    • If you would like to opt out of this registration there are two options.
    • First, you can ensure the “State consent” option on your member details page is not checked. You will remain a member of Flux AUS but will not be used for state registration.
    • Secondly, you can revoke your membership entirely (again from the member details page). More information
    • You can find instructions on accessing your member details page here.
  • How do I contact the Flux VIC Steering Committee?
    • We can be emailed at leadership.vic@voteflux.org

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